Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Most of my life has changed since I met Mark Macy on October 27th at the first Chicago Ghost Conference. Since then, I've read Mark's books to the dog-eared stage and begun my own program of ITC research. ITC is the umbrella under which thrives every kind of electronically-assisted communication with the spirit world, including EVP, the darling of 21st-century ghost hunters around the world. But ITC isnt' really about going into haunted places to communicate with the troubled souls there. It's about connecting to the brightest minds of the next world to work on healing troubled souls before they pass over. It's a difference that has, again, changed my life these past few weeks.

Here's my setup:

-two radios, each turned to foreign-language broadcasts
-a white noise machine
-my television set, "tuned" to a static-y channel, with VCR tape running
-an old school audio recorder, with headphones.

To begin, I say an Our Father and then welcome any spririts who want human beings to move closer to God and each other.

I record for ten minutes each day, at eleven o'clock in the morning.

Anyone who knows me will be shocked by this new program of mine. I am, or should I say was terrifed of spirits in the past. When colleagues spoke of collecting EVP in their homes, such practices chilled me to the core. Now, I find only peace and hope in this pursuit.

Mark Macy assures me that it may take months to receive my first "voices." No problem, I think, I've been crouching in the dark corners of so-called haunted houses for twenty years with the tiniest rewards to keep me on the path: a whisper here, a swinging door there.

Contact--real, repeated contact--with the next world, offering hope to change our own world: I can wait a long time for that.

For more information about the quietly growing field of ITC, visit Mark and friends at www.worlditc.com