Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The time of the season

October greetings to everyone who is struggling with Halloween careers . . . it seems that each year there is more and more interest in the unexplained, and we're happy to provide our own little perspective on it all.

I'm still reeling from the events of the past year: Amidst operating our Chicago Hauntings tours throughout the busiest tourist season ever in Chicago, I managed to present programs at 47 libraries all over Chicago as part of the City of Big Readers program, sponsored by the Chicago Public Library and the Chicago History Museum. This program had a profound impact on my experience of my beloved Chicago. I was privledged to visit neighborhoods I had never set eyes on, and I met children and librarians from every corner of Chicago who seemed thrilled to hear my stories of haunted Chicago. I'll never forget this remarkable Summer, but right now I don't even have time to think about it; we are already into the most astounding Halloween season I've ever known.

Ahead of us lies four weeks of whirlwind tours through our haunted city, led by some of the most astute and engaging tour guides the city has seen. We'll view the fruits of filming Chicago's most haunted with some of the most innovative filmmakers in the city today, and we'll investigate two of the most intriguingly haunted sites we've found to date. If we survive, we'll cohost (with the Indiana Ghost Trackers) the First Chicago Ghost Conference at the haunted Congress Plaza Hotel over October's last weekend, and welcome into the city some of the most provocative speakers and exhibitors the ghost hunting world has known.

If you haven't already signed up for the Chicago Ghost Conference, there are still some tickets left for this unprecedented event. Join us at the haunted Florentine Ballroom of the Congress Plaza Hotel for a weekend of exploration into the world of the unknown. For more information and registration information, please visit our conference page at www.chicagohauntings.com/conference.html to check out all of the incredible speakers and exhibitors coming from around Chicago and around the country. If you have but a ghost of an interest in the paranormal, you'll enjoy this intriguing event! For more information on everything we're up to, visit us at www.chicagohauntings.com

Happy October!