Friday, February 09, 2007

This Little Ghost Conference Thing

Wow. I can't believe the response in just one day since I first posted news of our first Chicago Ghost Conference this October. I'm delighted, first off, that Chicago Hauntings is now co-hosting the event with the Chicago Ghost Trackers, an afiliate of the incredible Indiana Ghost Trackers! I'm so honored that Mike McDowell and the many chapters of IGT want to be involved in this event with us--I've always had so much respect for their careful investigative techniques. Mike has also agreed to speak at the conference which, as anyone knows who's heard him, is always fascinating. Mike's visited some of the nation's most haunted places and always seems to capture great evidence of the paranormal. He participated in the recent, much-acclaimed "Dead Whisper" documentary as well, shot on location at Chicago-area sites with fascinating, convincing results.

Also speaking will be Brian Leffler, of MagickMind Paranormal Research Radio, Ed Shanahan, one of Chicago's longtime paranormal researchers and readers, and, if his schedule permits, Jim Graczyk, Chicago native and author of five books on ghosts and hauntings. I've also got my fingers crossed that Scott Markus ("Voices from the Chicago Grave") will share his firsthand research experiences with our attendees. He promised earlier that he would, so I'm hoping he'll be there. We've also got some surprise national--and international--guests in the works that I'm dying to tell you about, but . . . can't. Soon, I hope!

We're also getting news that many Midwest and national ghosthunting groups will be sending representatives to this conference, and we're thrilled, of course. If you haven't yet signed up for our newsletter, you can subscribe at to receive registration information before everyone else. We will have limited tickets for our special events on the conference weekend, such as our tours, pub crawl, and private investigations, so you'll want first chance by being a newsletter subscriber.

And please, please, please: if you are an individual or group of ghosthunters in the Chicago area, plan on coming to this event! We're thrilled that our conference is drawing national attention, but one of the reasons for this conference is to create an association of Chicago-area paranormal researchers so we can get together from time to time, compare notes, and get to know what others are doing in our great city!